Toll House cookies


Although the recipe was created years before, it was published in 1938. Nestlé was given the right to use it and the Toll House name in 1939 according to this New Yorker magazine article:

Another site describes the origin of the chocolate chips for the cookies: “As the popularity of the Toll House cookie continued to grow Nestlé looked for ways to make it easier for people to bake. Soon, they began scoring the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar, and packaged it with a special chopper for easily cutting it into small morsels. Shortly after, in 1939, they began offering tiny pieces of chocolate in convenient, ready-to-use packages and that is how the first Nestlé’s Toll House Real Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels were introduced.”

Image of circa-1939 package (with the Toll House recipe title visible) and more information on the subject:

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