3 brothers working at dairy


The Stueve brothers came to Azusa to work at Foothill Dairy.

“In 1939, a third Stueve brother, Harold, decided to go west.  After attending the Easter Sunday service, he packed his belongings, and on Easter Monday, left his family behind.  A story is told about how Harold had purchased a new suit from the Palisch and Fischer Store right before he left.  After arriving at Foothill Dairy, his first job was hauling alfalfa and mixing the feed for the cows.  Harold made great progress.  After just one year, he became the manager of the milk plant.”

Excerpt and undated Steuve photo from https://lutheranmuseum.com/2017/03/04/got-california-milk-part-3/ . The brothers’ story is interesting — go to the link to see it.


1941 photo of Foothill Dairy, unknown source.

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