The Seeing Eye


Image: uncredited illustration from Safe Living, Hippler and Durfee (1939 elementary school safety textbook)

To improve his mobility as a blind person, Morris Frank sought out a German Shepherd trainer. Frank adapted the techniques to teaching guide dogs in the late 1920s starting with his own dog Buddy and forming The Seeing Eye to help others.
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“And what a pioneer Buddy was. Her partnership with Morris Frank captured the attention of the American public… A decade later her successor, Buddy 2, was guiding Frank through the grounds of the 1939 New York World’s Fair.
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“…by 1939, The Seeing Eye informed the American Hotel Association that the number of hotels that banned guide dogs from the premises was small and ‘growing smaller constantly.'”
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Learn more about how Buddy 2’s kidney disease was helped by improved nutrition in 1939: .


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