Tray image from American Perfumer & Essential Oil Review via .

“From its beginnings in 1932 selling nail polish, Revlon would go on to become one of the largest cosmetics companies in the United States. Much of the credit for this success has been attributed to one of the company’s founders, Charles Haskel Revson.

“Revson was very aware of the importance of salons to his business. …they had a number of products that were clearly aimed at making salon manicures a total Revlon experience. By 1938, as well as selling twenty-one shades of Cream Nail Enamel, Revlon had also developed a range of other nail cosmetics… Then, in 1939, they added a range of hand lotions to enable manicurists to better personalise their Revlon treatments.

“…A lot has been written about Charles Revson, much of it uncomplimentary.”

Excerpts from . Learn about the company and the man at the link.


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