Mural painted out


Image (right): August 30, 1939 in the Fullerton News-Tribune article via .

Image (left): Text from 1934 newspaper caption: Marie Hardy, Fullerton High School student, admires a portion of the recently finished mural along the patio of the last building. The mural and the new stadium on the school grounds were dedicated with elaborate ceremonies yesterday and Thursday. The entire city joined in the celebration yesterday afternoon [Los Angeles Times, “Fullerton Joins in High School Jubilee,” 11/24/1934]., Access to this collection is generously supported by Arcadia funds. WPA (Works Progress Administration) commission during the 1930s depicting Mexican laborers and the county’s California pioneers. It was whitewashed in 1939, Text from negative sleeve: California, Fullerton, Schools, -117.920592 via .

“The decision to paint over this mural probably had to do with its subject matter. It celebrated Mexican culture at a time of great racism against Mexicans, and when Mexicans were being forcefully and illegally deported back to Mexico, because white people needed their jobs, during the Great Depression.”

Excerpt from . See images of the mural and the story behind it at the link.

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