Drive-in movies


1938 image: University of Southern California. Libraries and California Historical Society. Digitally reproduced by the USC Digital Library; From the California Historical Society Collection at the University of Southern California. Detail shows Gary Cooper poster for “The Adventures of Marco Polo” movie.

“The Pico Drive-in [shown above in 1938] opened on September 9, 1934, at 10850 Pico Boulevard and Westwood Blvd… [I]t was California’s first, as well as the fourth in the entire USA.”

“It also turns out that L.A. was home to California’s second drive-in theater, the San Val. (Back then, Southern California land was cheap and plentiful enough to build these massive open-air theaters—and the mostly dry and temperate climate meant almost year-round outdoor movie viewing.)

“The San Val (here the name is an abbreviated spin-off of it’s location in the “San Fernando Valley”) opened in 1938 at 2720 Winona Street and San Fernando Road in the city of Burbank.”

Excerpts from .

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