Powell Streamliner scooter


Image: posted by vintagetvs on Shorpy — via serviside blog.

“Last February [2016] Vintagetvs posted the above photo over on Shorpy with his original title ‘The Wild Ones’ and captioned ‘Not even Brando could make that scooter look cool. From the negatives I found at a Whittier book store.’

“…The scooter is an early 1939 Powell P-39 Streamliner as made by the Powell Manufacturing Company in Compton, California.

“Hayward and Channing Powell graduated from Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles in 1924 and immediately started manufacturing radios. In 1926 they formed Powell Manufacturing. Around 1938 they started manufacturing motor scooters, and by 1941 were producing small motorcycles…”


1939 Powell P-39 Streamliner.

Excerpts and photos from: http://serviside.blogspot.com/2017/02/fun-with-vintage-tvs-part-1-scooter.html . Click on the link to see more, including celebrities on Powell scooters.

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