Buick Y-job


“[General Motors Corporation head of styling Harley] Earl felt compelled to design and build a statement car… The resulting design – penned by former Oldsmobile studio head George Snyder and Joe Shemansky then modeled in clay by Jock Park – came about in the first half of 1938. …The Y-Job – so called because Y represented “one step beyond” the X-prefixed cars that GM had previously worked on, according to [fabricator Vince Kaptur Sr.] – debuted in December 1939 as ‘The Car of the Future’…”

Excerpts from https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2016/08/05/harley-earls-vision-of-the-future-the-buick-y-job-added-to-national-historic-vehicle-register/ .

In 2016 the Y-Job was the first vehicle documented in the National Historic Vehicle Register of the Historic Vehicle Association: https://www.historicvehicle.org/making-register-buick-y-job/ .

“In the late-teens after finishing his college education, Harley J. Earl joined the family business [in Los Angeles], which by that time was well along in being established as one of the finest coachbuilders in the west.”

Excerpt and more information about him at http://theoldmotor.com/?p=133912 . See also  http://www.harleyjearl.com/ .

Image of Harley Earl in the Y-Job: General Motors Corporation.

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