Circus model


Image: circa 1938 photo from .

Although not a southern California story, local residents may have heard about this on the radio or saw it while traveling to the east coast or in southern states.

“In 1926, a nine year old boy and his father went to see the Christy Bros. Circus that rolled into their hometown of Wallingford, Connecticut. Mesmerized by the magic and excitement of the show, little Bill Brinley pronounced to his father that one day he would ‘have a circus of his own.’ How true these words were. With chunks of wood, cheese-boxes and a jackknife in hand, young Bill immediately began crafting a three-quarter inch scale model of his own tiny circus…

“In 1938, young Bill Brindley was invited to appear on Dave Eleman’s Hobby Lobby program and got his first big break in show business, and he was asked to show his circus at the Pier in Atlantic City. After that, Bill and his miniature model toured with the Cetlin-Wilson Show…”

Excerpts from the photo link above.


Hobby Lobby allowed listeners everywhere to write in about their unusual hobbies so they could come on the radio and ‘lobby for their hobby.’  Many of the hobbies were actually people’s professions like a female gorilla trainer, a scientist that makes robots, and a beekeeper (whose bees escaped during the show)…”

“The show’s host was Dave Elman billed as ‘the dean of American hobbyist’ as he collected information about strange and fantastic hobbies.”

Excerpts from . Apparently, the show Brindman was on nor any 1939 recordings are available.

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