“Hen-reeee! Henry Aldrich!”


“The words: “Hen – Reeeeeeeeeey! HEN – REEEEY ALD – rich!!!! – “COM – miiiiing Moth – er!!”… immediately bring to mind a pimply-faced, squeaky-voiced teenage boy — the junior high school science nerd. … the boy who wants to be everyone’s best friend … so, he generally ends up with a whole heap of people upset with him over something he has done, to make that happen.”

Excerpt from https://archive.org/details/TheAldrichFamily . Click on the link to hear episodes at no cost.

“The show began when Rudy Vallee saw it as a play and encouraged Clifford Goldsmith, the writer, to perform it on The Rudy Vallee Show. After rave reviews, The Aldrich Family went on to perform for 39 weeks on The Kate Smith Hour. In 1939, it became so popular that The Aldrich Family took their own prime time slot on Sunday evenings. The show was a big success.”

Excerpt and undated image from https://www.otrcat.com/p/aldrich-family-henry-aldrich .

The radio show was so popular that a string of Henry Aldrich movies were made, beginning with What A Life, also in 1939: http://www.allmovie.com/movie/what-a-life-v116368 .

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