Hollywood Swimsuits


Image source unknown, from https://www.picsofcelebrities.com/celebrity/constance-bennett/pictures/constance-bennett-quotes.html .

“Formed by Fred Cole from family knitwear firm in Los Angeles, 1923
Began collaborating with Hollywood costume designer Margit Fellegi, 1936

“Ever since former silent film star Fred Cole had first hitched his company’s wagon to the stars of Hollywood, Cole had been a trendsetter, P.T. Barnum style. Cole knew by unerring instinct, like his film producing confréres, how to be sensational and to sell to the American public without being overly salacious.”

Excerpts from http://www.fashionencyclopedia.com/Ch-Da/Cole-of-California.html .

“As swimwear became more paired [sic] down in the 1930s, Fellegi’s body-conscious designs were more acceptable, even  baring the midriff in 1939…”

Except from Clothing and Fashion: American Fashion from Head to Toe — see overview: http://tinyurl.com/yagzy873 .

“Fred Cole, founder of Cole of California, initially called his concern Hollywood Swimsuits, and later began working at West Coast Knitting Mills, eventually merging with another knitting company, and becoming Cole of California by 1941.”
Excerpt from http://noaccountingfortaste.com/2016/07/11/ballerinas-on-the-beach/ .

“The 1938 invention of the Telescopic Watersuit in shirred elastic cotton finally ended the misery of wool. Hollywood endorsed the new glamour with films such as Neptune’s Daughter in which Esther Williams wore provocatively named costumes such as ‘Double Entendre’ and ‘Honey Child’.”

Excerpt from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/sunandsea/728059/Nottingham-Bathed-in-nostalgia.html .


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