Longest fire run


Images: left, in Los Angeles from photo collection of Tony Land; right, cover of Mack dealer magazine courtesy of Jack Krege. Both via http://www.maggieblanck.com/FireRun/FireRun.html .

To promote fire prevention awareness a crew on a Mack fire truck traveled across the U.S. from the New York World’s Fair to the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco. It stopped in many places including Los Angeles.

“A fire was set in a drum* at the Golden Gate International Exposition in San Francisco, California and a fire call was made to New York City. Answering the call from the World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows, four volunteer firemen jumped on board a new 1939 Mack fire truck and headed to California by a rather indirect route…

Excerpt from http://www.maggieblanck.com/FireRun/FireRun.html . Visit the link for a much more detailed description of the publicity trip.

“The cross-continent run will come to a climax at the San Francisco Exposition grounds. Upon hearing that the coast-to-coast fire engine has arrived at the city line, officials will ignite a miniature house previously erected on the grounds. Chief Hickox and his men will then speed to the scene, and in view of the assembled throng extinguish the blaze that brought them 3000 miles.”
Excerpt from the monthly magazine written and published by the employees at the Allentown Mack Factory courtesy of Jack Krege via http://www.maggieblanck.com/FireRun/FireRun.html .


Image: Collection of Maggie Land Blanck at http://www.maggieblanck.com/FireRun/FireRun.html .

*Bud [one of the firemen] always said that the fire was in a “drum”. One of the newspaper articles mentions a small house built for the purpose.

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