Labor Day


Image: Los Angeles Times photo from .

“Sep. 4, 1939: A majorette leads one of the 20 bands in the annual Labor Day parade in downtown Los Angeles – a tradition going back to 1908.

“An article in the next morning’s Los Angeles Times reported:

Out of the ships and factories, stores and offices, organized labor came together yesterday, thousands strong, to march in industry’s and business’ vast peace army. They were celebrating Labor Day, the day of days to the union men.

American Federation of Labor unions put on a two-hour parade over a downtown Los Angeles mile-and-a-half course and Grand Marshal Ralph McMullen estimated that several score thousands of men and women marched, 6 to 12 abreast, in front of the reviewing stand on the City Hall steps. An untold number of thousands lined downtown Broadway to see the spectacle.”

Excerpt from image link above.

Minimum wage

“…in October 1939, the federal minimum wage was raised from 25 cents per hour to 30 cents per hour.”1 However, it appears that the California minimum wage from 1920 through 1943 was 33 cents per hour.2

With inflation, that 33 cents per hour wage would equate to $5.79 per hour in 2017.

1 Excerpt from .

2 From .

From .

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