Ansel Adams publishes first book


Image: . See some of the Adams photos at the link.

Ansel Adams published his first book, Sierra Nevada: The John Muir Trail.

A rare jewel has been discovered in the oeuvre of Ansel Adams. Known to only a few avid book collectors and museums, Sierra Nevada: The John Muir Trail is an extraordinary publication in many respects. Adams, at the age of 36, was commissioned to prepare a book of his photographs taken along the world-famous John Muir Trail as a tribute to Pete Starr, a young American mountaineer (and son of a Sierra Club president) killed in a climbing accident. Composed of 50 photographs of the Sierra Nevada — many never published again — the book is an exquisite portrait of the mountain world of the High Sierra in California.

Excerpt from the image link above.

The Sierra Club says it was published in 1939* but a book website (image link above) says 1938.

* . Click on the link to see a timeline of the life and legacy of John Muir.


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