Café Gala


Image: detail of undated matchbook from .

“Café Gala – 8795 Sunset Boulevard -sat on the Sunset Strip where Spago stood until 2001, was opened in 1939 by Baroness Catherine d’ Erlinger, ‘a titled Englishwoman with bohemian tastes and the case to exercise them.’ Like the ‘pansy clubs’, it attracted Hollywood’s smart set regardless of sexuality. It was treated no differently than other clubs by the gossip columnists. Café Gala, says Mann, ‘epitomizes both the social scene and the status of homosexuals within the industry of immediate post-Code Hollywood. With a veneer of ‘respectability’ – a façade that could not be overly identified as ‘queer’ or ‘deviant’ – both the Gala and the gays within the studio structure could thrive.'”
Excerpt from .

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