Hollywood area map, books and more


Image: 2015 map of noir-era locations from http://martinturnbull.com/hollywood-places/the-hollywood-garden-of-allah-companion-map-of-los-angeles-and-hollywood/ .

Instead of studying the low-res image above, go to the link and download the high-res version at no cost. Also on the linked page is a detailed legend of the locations such as

 8795 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills
 Opened 1939, Closed 1948

that gives additional information. Some of the listings have links leading to more information and photos.

These locations relate to a series of historical novels written by Martin Turnbull depicting the glory years of Hollywood. This blogger just ordered Citizen Hollywood. It’s set in 1939.

Explore the site to find more gems. For example, scroll down to “1939” on https://martinturnbull.com/timeline-3/timeline-page-2/ to see lots of interesting things from the year such as “Lana Turner is the first Hollywood star reported to be wearing nylons.”

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