Russian Village


Image: Blanchard family photo from .

Jerry Blanchard (probably in the above photo but not indicated) helped build one of the last homes in the Claremont neighborhood. The area was mistakenly named  “Russian” when people mistook the origin of the man who started it.

“Russian Village (1923-1939)
 300 Block of South Mills Avenue

“This group of 15 homes lining Mills Avenue was built of recycled materials during the Depression. The land was owned by Polish immigrant Konstanty Stys, who sold lots to friends or needy families and helped them find building materials from wrecking yards and earthquake-damaged buildings. They are unified by their use of rock and street rubble as exterior materials, red-tile roofs, and the informal arrangement of each property. This neighborhood was placed on the National Register of Historic Places as a prime example of folk architecture.”

Excerpt from .

Learn more at .

See present-day photos and a house-by-house description of the architecture at .

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