Sycamore Inn


Image: undated photo from unknown source; probably from the 1920s.

The inn is located in what is now Rancho Cucamonga (it was just “Cucamonga” in 1939) and is still in operation.

“In 1939, Danish immigrant Irl Hinrichsen acquired the Inn. With the help of his sons, he remodeled the Inn, discontinued use of the upstairs hotel rooms, and renamed it the Sycamore Inn. The Hinrichsen family, Irl and later his son Vern and his family, made the Sycamore Inn into one of the prime eateries of the Inland Empire.

“That old dirt road that fronted the Inn became the fabled Route 66, the primary route from points east to the Pacific Ocean. During those colorful years of the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, before freeways, the Inn hosted the rich and famous…movie stars and notables, both the famous and the infamous, en route to Las Vegas and Palm Springs. The Inn is rich with folklore. Legend has it that both Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Short (the “Black Dahlia”) dined at the Sycamore in the weeks before their untimely demise.”

Excerpts from . Click on the link to read the history of the location since 1774 and to see present-day images.

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