Writers’ Ranch, Imperial Beach


Image: 1943 photo from David Smith via excerpt link below.

“Thomas Halbert Hall, former chauffeur of the late Minnie J. Douglass has a modest fortune at his command with which to purchase lots and erect homes for writers who could not be self supporting from their journalistic efforts. Hall is author of several text books, and was appointed by his late, employer to oversee the establishment of a ranch for writers. Hall has received a permit to move 170 cottages from Tent City in Coronado and work of this project is well underway. The houses are to be remodeled at an expense of $20.00. Hall has already purchased 200 lots for the ranch, and has announced he plans to erect 300 cottages for the colony, and later a $40,000 apartment building for income property.”

Excerpt from The Chula Vista Star newspaper, May 12, 1939, Page 7 via http://www.digimperialbeach.com/2016/04/15/108003/in-1939-several-hundred-cottages-from-coronado-s-tent-city-were-moved-by-barge-from-the-silver-strand-to-imperial-beach . Click on the link to read more about it.

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