First weather conditioning in a production automobile


Image: 1940 Packard ad via .

Introduced on Nov. 4, 1939:

“The car that made driving with the windows up on a hot day cool was the 1940 Packard 180. The mechanical refrigeration unit automatically switched to heating in winter, and as such was dubbed not an air conditioner, but rather a Weather Conditioner. The factory-installed technological triumph cooled, heated, dehumidified, and even filtered cabin air from pollen and dust and other unwanted weather-related items.”

Excerpt from .

“It took almost 10 years from the first industry experiments before Packard Motor Car Co. introduced the first factory-installed air conditioner, on a 1940 model at the 1939 Chicago auto show. It ran on a compressor, but the refrigerating coils were behind the back seat.”

Excerpts from .



Image via .

Click on the links to learn more about the history of automobile air conditioning as well as the details of the system installed in the 1940 Packard.

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