Crocker motorcycles


Image: Photograph of Jack Lilly’s Crocker number 39-61-103 in 1939. This is how this Crocker was originally painted from the factory. The colors were navy blue with red and white pinstripes. It also had a chromed rear brake backing plate, rear chain guard, seat springs and upper shackle. The photograph from the ‘Crocker Motorcycle Co’ collection.

“Al Crocker invented machines that were well ahead of their time in design and function. His bikes were visually pleasing, as Crocker seemed to have a perfect eye for form and balance, for color and simplicity. They were such great examples of fluidity of design that they seemed to be moving, even in still photos. The innovative styling was equally matched by record-breaking performance.”

Image and excerpt from . Click on the link to learn more.

Crocker motorcycles were made at 1346 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles.


One thought on “Crocker motorcycles

  1. Jack Lilly’s credibility goes out the window, he mentioned 3 times in the book ‘THE REAL WILD ONES’ that he was close friends with Alfred Crocker , who the hell is that ?. He also claimed he and Von Dutch worked at the factory, problem was Von Dutch was born in 1929, he was 11yo in 1940, when the last Big Twins were made. Jack claimed he was going to buy the remains of the Crocker factory. Problem = there was no inventory of parts at the factory. Woody Mount retooled the factory in 1941, all scrap was collected from factories, especially factories with government contracts. Jack Lilly most certainly owned a Crocker but 39-61-103 is not it. That bike is one of Ernie Skelton’s many in “complete basket case” creations. The 2010 Crocker Register is un reliable because it was written by the same guys who were building and selling the replica motorcycles = Ernie Skelton and Chuck Vernon. The Register has all the names involved in the scam next to each bike. There is no way of correcting Jack Lilly’s comments, the idiot did not work at the factory, the was no inventory, this can be confirmed by Elmo Looper’s son and Murray Looper’s family. 39-61-109 helps reveal who was involved with Skelton. That engine has stroker plates because it has HD rods and pistons, which means it can never equate to 61″ capacity. The only engine size available was 61″, no options
    Jack Lilly lied , John Cameron lied too


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