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Merrit Building, 8th and Broadway, L.A.

Image: Merrit Building (Maxwell House Coffee shop and Thrifty drug store on ground floor) via . Original source is not listed.

Opened in 1915, the Merrit Building was an important part of downtown Los Angeles in this 1939 photo. Vehicle traffic wasn’t heavy enough to justify a signal but there were plenty of pedestrians there. See the link for a history of Merrit and the building along with many photos through the years. Much of the building was vacated in the 1980s and the photos at the link show many original elements still present.

Palomar Ballroom


The Palomar Ballroom burned to the ground on October 2, 1939. It claimed to be the largest dance hall on the West Coast, at 3rd Street and Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles. The swing era of jazz began there, according to and other sites, with a performance by Benny Goodman and his band in 1935.


This undated, circa late 1930s view shows the night club as customers would have seen it at night. Learn more about the Palomar and see additional photos at