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Terry McGinnis, professional wrestler


Image: Carroll Photo Service on file at Los Angeles Times newspaper library.

This blogger could find virtually no information about McGinnis but he was important enough to have a photo on file in 1939 and be in the newsreel of a match (at link below) believed to have taken place circa 1939 in Los Angeles.

“For the first time online, here is Cowboy (Killer Krippler Karl) Davis vs Terry McGinnis from Los Angeles. The match is from the 16mm film titled Through the Ropes and was issued in 1940. Both Davis and McGinnis were mainstays in the Los Angeles territory for many years.” Excerpt from the youtube posting.

The video at the link shows the violence of the sport. Watch the 8 minute 41 second video to the end to see what happened after the winner was declared.

USC vs. UCLA football


“The USC Trojans’ speedy right halfback BOBBY ROBERTSON (# 28), who ended up directly involved in the most pivotal play of the entire contest late in the fourth quarter, finds himself confronted by a trio of determined UCLA Bruins tacklers — defensive back KENNY WASHINGTON (# 13), linebacker BILL OVERLIN (# 5) as well as left end WOODY STRODE (# 27) — during the legendary Pacific Coast Conference title game between two nationally-ranked, unbeaten ball clubs that was witnessed by a record-breaking crowd at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in southern California.”

Caption and photo (with defects) from . Read about all the game details at the link.

Score: 0-0 tie at the December 9, 1939 game.

Comeback at Santa Anita


Image: undated photo of Seabiscuit and Red Pollard. By Seabiscuit Heritage Foundation  [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

“Late in the fall of 1939, Seabiscuit’s handlers made an almost inconceivable announcement: Seabiscuit would run again in the Santa Anita Handicap scheduled for March 1940… This time the horse would be seven years old, ancient by racing standards. Pollard, whose injured leg was still fragile, would ride him.”

Excerpt from .

Seabiscuit won the 1940 Santa Anita Handicap race.