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Palm Springs


1939 postcard.


Parade in Bakersfield


Image: cropped from Pinterest

Circa 1939, Parade view at Baker’s Motor Market at 2328 Chester Avenue, Bakersfield, California. Despite close inspection, the graphics on the costume are not easily readable. The emblem on the front does not appear to be the seal of the city nor of Kern County but the word at the bottom appears to be “CALIFORNIA.” The lettering on the side might be “ANY BOOK YOU NEED” and possibly “BY ANNE [unreadable]” with “COUNTY LIBRARY” at the bottom.

Call for Philip Morris!


Images: from Outwitting Handicaps magazine. Per the inside cover, it was founded “as a non-profit publication dedicated to the best interest of the physically handicapped. It is the offical organ of Chair Warmers, Inc., an incorporated association without capital stock, chartered under the laws of Michigan.”

So, while it is not a southern California story, the Philip Morris cigarette brand was the CBS radio sponsor of the 9 p.m. time slot on Fridays in 1939-1940 featuring the Russ Morgan Orchestra. So, we can presume that local listeners heard Johnny Roventini make that famous “Call for Philip Morris!” yell many times.