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Maid to order

Image: blotter found on an online auction site.

A pinup with a title that could have several meanings adorns the advertising message as December soon becomes January 1939.

Globe began in Philadelphia in 1868 by an industrious boy who found a $5 bill and used it to buy a toy printing press. Learn more about it at .

’39 De Soto at Carthay Circle movie premiere…maybe…um, no

“I don’t think they actually shot this at Carthay Circle – that tented walkway was much longer and I doubt that neon sign was green and pink, but for the uninitiated, it certainly looks like the real thing.”

Martin Turnbull, expert on the golden age of Hollywood, posted this on his facebook page (link is below). He has written some excellent historical fiction novels about this time and has a lot of interesting posts on his page.

Image and excerpt from .

Learn more about the Carthay Circle movie theater here: .