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Movie stars homes guide maps


Image: from ebay auction


1937 or 1938 image: shown on ebay auction above, appears on .


Stunt revue


Image: “Dick” Whittington Collection via .

Girls on automobiles, motion picture stunt revue, Gilmore Stadium, Los Angeles. 1939. This photo appears to be staged (cars not moving) but apparently the actual event involved moving vehicles.



Coogan with Grable; child actors gain ownership of their earnings


1939 photo of Jackie Coogan with wife Betty Grable. Location is not given but it was probably in southern California. Image from .

“The Coogan Law is named for famous child actor Jackie Coogan. …It wasn’t until his 21st birthday …that Jackie realized he was left with none of the earnings… Under California law at the time, the earnings of the minor belonged solely to the parent. Coogan eventually sued his mother and former manager for his earnings. As a result, in 1939, the Coogan Law was put into effect, presumably to protect future young actors from finding themselves in the same terrible situation that Jackie Coogan was left in. Unfortunately, the 1939 incarnation of the Coogan Law was flawed, leaving open various loopholes and necessitating long term, court sanctioned contracts for validation.”

Excerpt from . Learn more about the law at the link.

Coogan was born in Los Angeles and lived in the area. As a child, he was discovered by Charlie Chaplin and appeared in The Kid. His marriage to Grable was short-lived. Read more at .




Mickey Rooney gets pushed around


Image and excerpt via .

“Mickey Rooney goes off the diving board, as Marjorie Gestring gives him a push, during Judy Garland’s birthday party at Louis B. Mayer’s Santa Monica beach home. Judy Garland, June Preisser, Jackie Cooper, and Virginia Weidler sit (L to R) behind them on the board. On the edge of the pool is Ann Rutherford.

“Judy turned 17 on this day, June 13, 1939.”

Garland is sitting on the diving board just to the right of Gestring.


Terry McGinnis, professional wrestler


Image: Carroll Photo Service on file at Los Angeles Times newspaper library.

This blogger could find virtually no information about McGinnis but he was important enough to have a photo on file in 1939 and be in the newsreel of a match (at link below) believed to have taken place circa 1939 in Los Angeles.

“For the first time online, here is Cowboy (Killer Krippler Karl) Davis vs Terry McGinnis from Los Angeles. The match is from the 16mm film titled Through the Ropes and was issued in 1940. Both Davis and McGinnis were mainstays in the Los Angeles territory for many years.” Excerpt from the youtube posting.

The video at the link shows the violence of the sport. Watch the 8 minute 41 second video to the end to see what happened after the winner was declared.

Call for Philip Morris!


Images: from Outwitting Handicaps magazine. Per the inside cover, it was founded “as a non-profit publication dedicated to the best interest of the physically handicapped. It is the offical organ of Chair Warmers, Inc., an incorporated association without capital stock, chartered under the laws of Michigan.”

So, while it is not a southern California story, the Philip Morris cigarette brand was the CBS radio sponsor of the 9 p.m. time slot on Fridays in 1939-1940 featuring the Russ Morgan Orchestra. So, we can presume that local listeners heard Johnny Roventini make that famous “Call for Philip Morris!” yell many times.

“Stagecoach” and “Destry Rides Again” westerns


“Here’s the roundup, I mean, the lineup: ‘Stagecoach’ (April 5), ‘Destry Rides Again’ (April 12)…They screen at 6:30 p.m. at the [Ontario] library, 215 E. C St. in downtown Ontario [,C A]. [David Allen will] be there to introduce them. Admission is free, as is the popcorn.”

Excerpt and “Stagecoach” image from .

Newspaper columnist and author David Allen will be hosting the two classic 1939 westerns. See his column in the link above for more information, including brief descriptions of the films for those who aren’t already familiar with them.

John Wayne in “Stagecoach” and James Stewart in “Destry…”, were among other southern California resident actors. Many of the location shoots took place in southern California. See the links below for details.

“Stagecoach” — .

“Destry Rides Again” — .