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Maid to order

Image: blotter found on an online auction site.

A pinup with a title that could have several meanings adorns the advertising message as December soon becomes January 1939.

Globe began in Philadelphia in 1868 by an industrious boy who found a $5 bill and used it to buy a toy printing press. Learn more about it at .



Santa Fe Railway almanac cover and single page example.


Ford Motor Company almanac and single page example..

Almanacs were published and freely distributed by businesses and organizations. Ostensibly, they were to provide reference information such as calendars, moon phases, names of birth month gems as well as wisdom and entertainment. The booklets also contained material promoting the publisher’s product or service and more general industry-wide details such as the amount of taxes paid and number of people employed. This second purpose, sometimes with editorial comment about issues of the day as well, seemed to be intended to inform legislators and voters, presumably to discourage additional taxes and regulation.