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Guest ranch interior, Palm Springs



Images: Deep Well Ranch, interior: California State Library, Mott Studios, 1936-1939 via .

“America’s fascination with cowboys and the West has been part of our popular culture for more than a century. Capitalizing on this interest, Hollywood film studios produced hundreds of movies that romanticized cattle ranching and cowboy life. Ironically the majority of movie executives, directors and scriptwriters making these Westerns were ignorant of western life but this lack of knowledge did not stop them from creating hosts of fictional film heroes. During the Great Depression, when ordinary Americans only dreamed of the excitement seen on the movie screen, the wealthy could experience the western life by staying at a dude or guest ranch.”

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The Hotpoint brand of electric iron originated in Ontario, California in 1904. In 1939 it continued to be manufactured there. By then, the successor to the original Pacific Electric Heating Company made a variety of other electrical appliances elsewhere. The Hotpoint name came from a suggestion from the wife of the iron’s inventor to concentrate the heat at the point for easier pressing around clothing features. It became so popular that the name was used for the other appliances, too.

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