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Call for Philip Morris!


Images: from Outwitting Handicaps magazine. Per the inside cover, it was founded “as a non-profit publication dedicated to the best interest of the physically handicapped. It is the offical organ of Chair Warmers, Inc., an incorporated association without capital stock, chartered under the laws of Michigan.”

So, while it is not a southern California story, the Philip Morris cigarette brand was the CBS radio sponsor of the 9 p.m. time slot on Fridays in 1939-1940 featuring the Russ Morgan Orchestra. So, we can presume that local listeners heard Johnny Roventini make that famous “Call for Philip Morris!” yell many times.




Santa Fe Railway almanac cover and single page example.


Ford Motor Company almanac and single page example..

Almanacs were published and freely distributed by businesses and organizations. Ostensibly, they were to provide reference information such as calendars, moon phases, names of birth month gems as well as wisdom and entertainment. The booklets also contained material promoting the publisher’s product or service and more general industry-wide details such as the amount of taxes paid and number of people employed. This second purpose, sometimes with editorial comment about issues of the day as well, seemed to be intended to inform legislators and voters, presumably to discourage additional taxes and regulation.



Promotional matchbook for the 1939 re-release of the 1936 Daring Marihuana Exposé anti-marijuana film.

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“On the Trail of Marihuana is a booklet published in 1939 by Pacific Press Publishing Association. PPPA was and is a subsidiary of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. On the Trail reflects the involvement of prohibitionist religious organizations in the development and promotion of cannabis prohibition.”

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It was published in in Santa Clara county. That’s a little north of southern California but a search reveals one mention of an incident in Inglewood, though, which is a suburb of Los Angeles. You can read the publication at the link.

Marihuana, with an “h” instead of a “j” seemed to be the preferred spelling in 1939.