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Lite-Beam Focuser for cameras


Image: The Focus, December 1941

“In 1939, [James Caughey “Coy” Watson, Jr.] invented and manufactured the Coy Watson Lite Beam Focuser, a built-in camera device that assured accurate still camera focusing in total darkness. It’s believed this invention marked the first time a battery was ever placed in a camera.”
Excerpt from Associated Press obituary at .

Coy was an actor, photographer and cinematographer with an interesting life. Click on the archive link to learn about him.

Camera flash synchronizer


Professsional photographers needed to be sure that the bulb would flash exactly when the camera shutter was open. This device from a manufacturer in Hollywood filled the bill. The Speed Graphic camera was the mainstay of press photographers. The wire outline above the lensboard was a sports finder. It provided a “good enough” indication of what would appear on the film as the photographer looked through it when following moving subjects.