First Santa Fe revenue train at the new Los Angeles Union Station


Image: from SBRHS facebook page (link below). Photo by T. Nixon.

On this day 81 years ago, Santa Fe 3751 made history as it led the first revenue passenger train into Union Station Los Angeles.
T. Nixon was on hand that morning in 1939 to capture the young, 12-year-old locomotive lead Train No. 1, “The Scout,” into the newly built station that had its grand opening just four days prior.
Near the end of her career with the Santa Fe, 3751 became a regular at Union Station as it pulled trains in and out Los Angeles. With your support, these two icons of Southern California will continue to meet many more times to come.
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Image and text from the San Bernardino Historical Society facebook page:


After its revenue producing days were over, this locomotive was placed on display in San Bernardino, California. Decades later it was restored to operating condition by the SBRHS and is used for public appearances and special excursion trains.

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