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Double your pleasure

16dec23doublemint1939 billboard

The Doublemint Twins debuted in 1939. Here’s the story direct from Wrigley’s:

The Doublemint Twins concept makes its advertising debut. Since then, the Doublemint twins have been part of one of the most successful and long lasting advertising campaigns ever created. In the early days of the campaign, one Wrigley-sponsored radio program featured double piano players, double violinists and double talking comedians.

The distinctive billboard campaigns created in the late 1930s by Wrigley art director Otis Shepard fixed the Doublemint twin concept in the American imagination. Shepard’s distinctive airbrush techniques and simple, clear designs were well suited for outdoor advertisements and have been widely recognized in the commercial art field.


Listen to an undated Doublemint gum radio jingle here.

In southern California, the Foster and Kleiser Company would most likely have displayed Doublemint billboards.

In 1939 William Wrigley, Jr. owned a mansion on “Millionaire’s Row” in Pasadena and owned Catalina Island off the coast from Los Angeles.