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Mickey Rooney gets pushed around


Image and excerpt via http://www.glamoursplash.com/2014/04/rip-mickey-rooney.html .

“Mickey Rooney goes off the diving board, as Marjorie Gestring gives him a push, during Judy Garland’s birthday party at Louis B. Mayer’s Santa Monica beach home. Judy Garland, June Preisser, Jackie Cooper, and Virginia Weidler sit (L to R) behind them on the board. On the edge of the pool is Ann Rutherford.

“Judy turned 17 on this day, June 13, 1939.”

Garland is sitting on the diving board just to the right of Gestring.



Douglas B-23 bomber takes off


Image from the National Museum of the United States Air Force, Dayton, Ohio via https://www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/detail.asp?aircraft_id=1591 .

“The lead-up to World War 2 for the United States saw a period of constant progression for its bomber force…  [The B-23] prototype went airborne for the first time on July 27th, 1939 – just months ahead of the official start of World War 2 in Europe (September 1st). Serial production was begun that same month and ended in September of 1940 with all 38 aircraft completed.

“By the time of the American entry into the war [in 1941], the B-23 had already met its performance match as newer, better medium types were taken into USAAC service. As such, the B-23 was never seen as an active combat performer during the war but instead relegated for service use as a trainer, stateside maritime patrol, and transport.”

Excerpt from https://www.militaryfactory.com/aircraft/detail.asp?aircraft_id=1591 .

“The maiden flight of the B-23 took place from Clover Field at Santa Monica on July 27, 1939. After being evaluated by the Materiel Division at Wright Field in Ohio, the B-23 entered service with the 89th Reconnaissance Squadron based at March Field in California.”

Excerpt from http://www.joebaugher.com/usaf_bombers/b23.html .