Joe Wieder, bodybuilder


Image: circa 1941 photo via .

“By 1939, Joe had been working full time for five years.  He had traded in his wagon [10 hours a day delivering fruit and groceries for a market in Montreal, Canada] to bus tables and wash dishes at a local restaurant, which had quickly promoted him to sandwich maker and then to short-order cook.

“His dream, however, was to publish a magazine committed to sharing accurate, complete [weight] training advice with routines with its readers.  So, with $7 in his pocket, he began to work on what would become the first issue of Your Physique, to be published in August 1940.  Orders poured in, and within 18 months Joe had made a $10,000 profit—a small fortune at a time when a loaf of bread cost 4 cents and a gallon of gas 11 cents.”

Excerpt from .


Learn more and see an 11-1/2 minute video biography of him at the link.

In later years the Weider company was located in Woodland Hills, California.

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