7-Up in Bakersfield


Image: Circa 1940 photo of 7-Up Bottling Company 18th and Sonora Street, Bakersfield. Photo source unknown.

“Like an artist, who first sees the picture in his mind’s eye and transfers it to the canvas, D W Washburn envisioned this bottling plant in Bakersfield as one most completely equipped, for the purpose of bottling only one beverage. Months of thought and preparatory work went into the planning. The plant was formally opened to the public June 14, 1939.

“The 7-UP extract Is manufactured by the Seven-Up Company of St Louis, Mo. Lemons and limes of the finest quality are used in its preparation. In all instances government supervision safeguards its purity and aromatic content.

“Pure cane sugar is used exclusively and, the Braun Corporation, a California industry, furnishes the citric acid required.”

Excerpts of December 23, 1939 Bakersfield Californian newspaper story from https://clickamericana.com/topics/food-drink/the-story-of-7-up-1939 .


Image: 1939 newspaper ad from excerpt link above.

Online references show The Braun Corporation of 363-371 New High Street, Los Angeles, in the ‘teens and ‘twenties as a supplier of mining assay chemicals and equipment. It may have branched out to other chemicals such as citric acid by 1939 but it cannot be confirmed at this time.


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